‘Wonderful Days’

Ummet Ozcan has revived one of the world’s biggest dance hits to a brand new party anthem. Originally released in the 90’s by legendary Dutch duo Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, ‘Wonderful Days’ was a climax for the then burgeoning happy hardcore genre. Still as powerful as it ever was, Ummet Ozcan has now teamed up with young upcoming talent Orange INC to give this classic a fresh dose of energy, making sure the party will never end. Out now on Spinnin’ Records.

‘Wonderful Days’ can easily be described as one of the biggest hits in Dutch dance history. Released in 1995 by Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, it was the pinnacle of hardcore music and its more radio friendly happy hardcore genre. The record reached #2 in the pop chart, but more importantly represented a popular rave sound to a wide (pop) audience. To this day, it’s a dance classic that appeals to several generations, still popping up at parties and appearing at ‘best of’ charts and playlists.

So, when a productional mastermind like Ummet Ozcan teams up with young upcoming talent Orange INC to renew ‘Wonderful Days’, you know something special will come out. Sure enough, the Dutch producer lays a soaring dance beat across the original’s piano melodies, taking the record to 2020 grounds with a cool triplet rhythm and blazing hardstyle effects. It’s those elements packed in sturdy synth stabs and jumpy chords that perfectly align with the original’s sound – making this an almost sentimental blast from the past.

From one rave to another, this record clearly reveals how 90’s dance music is connected with today’s. We still like our beats served as raw as possible, while balancing out the energy with upwinding vocals and catchy melodies. The beat might have changed, and leave it up to Ummet Ozcan to serve it as strong and powerful as possible, but the original vibe is right there.

It’s exactly what these times need. A wonderful reminder of the good things in life, with a positive and hopeful sentiment, making sure you enjoy the most ‘Wonderful Days’ again.

Ummet Ozcan x Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo x Orange INC – ‘Wonderful Days’
Out now on Spinnin’ Records