New synth plugin ‘Genesis Pro’

After eight years in the making, Dutch-Turkish DJ and producer, Ummet Ozcan, has announced his own synthesiser, Genesis Pro. The announcement came in the form of a 16 minute and 16 second video uploaded to Ozcan’s Youtube channel, the video itself runs through the vast array of features the plugin has to offer, gives a glimpse into why he chose to develop it in the first place, and explains the reasoning behind the €1 price tag.

Ummet says he’s used every software synthesizer and always found them missing something. To develop his own synth he wanted it to have a unique character all of its own while having an engine that can create any sound you could possibly want. He explains it as being like a digital version of his musical brain and while that may seem complex he also wants it to be straightforward to use.

He closes the video with a heartfelt message:

“I know in my career i did not spend too much time in making tutorials or helping out upcoming producers because basically next to do my shows and making music I was spending all my extra time in finishing Genesis, but after eight years of hard work, it’s finally finished. And this will be my contribution to the music industry.”